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In-class Task


1. Go to http://scholar.google.com.tw/ and search for academic papers (full paper) that present either quantitative or qualitative study (or both).


2. Once you have selected your paper, give it a read, and look closely at the METHODOLOGY SECTION. See how the Methods, Results, and Discussion sections were written. 


3. Analyze the Results Section.


Create a page on your wiki called "in-class task 4-12". Answer the following questions. Provide a link to the paper you're analyzing for this task.

  1. What statistical measurements were used to present the results or findings of the study?
  2. Show examples of how the summary of results was presented. Did the author use tables, figures, etc.?
  3. How many relevant questions (from the survey or interview questions) were answered in the Results section? Provide an example where the author made a particular observation in relation to the question.


Sample full papers


Survey: simple results, http://callej.org/journal/10-2/kelsen.html

Survey: http://jalt-publications.org/old_tlt/files/95/oct/shimizu.html

Situational Interview: http://www.krannert.purdue.edu/faculty/campionm/Situational_Interview.pdf


Qualitative: http://jalt.org/pansig/2004/HTML/KimKon.htm (Text analysis)



Corporate Wiki Survey: http://www.cs.helsinki.fi/u/vahakota/stuff/corporate_wiki_users.pdf

Internet-based survey: http://www.celt.iastate.edu/pdfs-docs/classclimate/research/2002_cook_meta-analysis_web-based_surveys.pdf

Survey results and analysis: http://vista-survey.com/survey/v2/edit.dsb?closeonexit&samplereport=1

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