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Understanding Theoretical Framework


Text below were lifted from http://web.pdx.edu/~canada/chap3/draft1.pdf


Eisenhart (1991) described a theoretical framework as “a structure that guides research by relying on a formal theory…constructed by using an established, coherent explanation of certain phenomena and relationships” (p. 205).


Marshall and Rossman (1989) explain how a researcher will locate a research problem in a body of theory; the location is chosen on the basis of the researcher’s own underlying assumptions, and these assumptions must be explicitly stated. Thus, theoretical frameworks can be expected to invoke a host of values and beliefs, not unique to the researcher, but shared in a common paradigm with other scholars. This is why researchers generally do not locate their work in some completely new theoretical framework, creating something that sounds compelling to them alone, but will seek to identify the perspectives that align their work with other researchers.


http://web.pdx.edu/~canada/chap3/draft1.pdf, p2




[1] Create a new page entitled, " Theoretical Framework". Save.

[2] Look at your general topic (1) and focus of research (2)

[3] In a new web browser, go to http://scholar.google.com

[4] Type in the search box, your topic + theoretical orientation OR 'topic + theoretical framework', or conceptual framework

[5] Skim several pages, and list down (on your Theoretical Framework page)  the theoretical foundations you have  found. Don't forget to add web links to these pages on your Theoretical Framework page and Diigo bookmark.

Sample Proposal


Read or download, http://owl.english.purdue.edu/media/pdf/20070515025950_667.pdf

I would like you to note how the student writer made use of the literature in her proposal.


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